We manufacture and install sliding security gates for homes and businesses in Cape Town and surrounding areas

Feel safe & enjoy fresh air while maintaining the security of a conventional locked door

Ultra Door: Securing Your Lifestyle & Business

No Nonsense Expanding / Sliding / Retractable Security gates


In commercial applications, Ultra Door Security Barriers provide a very good level of security. They let in a lot of light, which makes them suitable for office use. In retail situations the Ultra Door sliding security barrier gives a high level of visibility while providing an effective barrier against intruders.


A sliding security barrier  gives a high level of protection. They are designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in. When not in use, our collapsible gates fold back and stack away neatly to the side. This makes them perfect for protecting vulnerable doors or windows in the house.

Classic Appearance

The Ultra Door sliding security barrier  is a modular burglar proofing fixture designed to fit inside the frame of any window or opening for full home security, it combines a classic appearance with effective protection. This makes them ideal for protecting both domestic and commercial premises.

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